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    Medex offer the complete shipping package to every destination we service which include the following:

    • Courier
    • Airfreight
    • Re-mail
    • Dangerous & hazardous goods
    • Timed deliveries
    • Same day & next day NFO (next flight out)
    • Temperature controlled service (Canada only)
    • Fully bonded customs agents
    • Road freight (where applicable)

    As Medex is not a GSA (general sales agent) for any particular airline, we are able to offer you complete flexibility with any airline to any destination. This enables us to work within your time frame & schedule to ensure your shipment is delivered when you need it delivered.

    N.E.S (New Export System)

    N.E.S stands for new export system. This was introduced by UK customs several years ago as a method of computerising the old paper trail and keeping track of what is exported overseas from the UK.

    As an approved MOU customs member, we are able to do bulk entries for all flights exported by Medex that contain low value consignments & documents on your behalf. We can also do high value export entries on request and associate any high value entries that accompany your shipment to the master air waybill.

    In order for us to ensure procedures are carried out correctly, you must ensure all Hawb’s and invoices tendered to Medex have the full details of the original shipper and the contents of the package are correctly listed.