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    Since our establishment in 1996, Medex have provided our customers with a consistent, high quality range of wholesale delivery services to the countries we service.

    Over the years, we have refined and improved these services based on feedback from our customers and the constant improvement and updating of new software and technology available.

    Our aim is simple – to give you the best, dependable and trustworthy level of quality service that allows you to compete with the integrators.

    Our customer services team are fully trained and have a huge range of specialist knowledge to handle any enquiry. Most of our team have been here since the beginning and it is their experience, dedication and care that has always been the cornerstone of our business.

    The agents we utilise in each country are extremely experienced and have been established for many years, both in their own right and in partnership with Medex. We are representing your company from the moment we receive your shipment so our choice of partner is paramount to our reputation and likewise your reputation.

    Medex take great pride in the fact that we do not hand shipments to integrators in the UK to final point of delivery. By using Medex you will be within our network from point of receipt to point of delivery. After all, what’s the point in using our service if we’re using someone else’s?